On 5 August 2017 at last, after a two-years break, the romantic monastery garden of Altmärkisches Museum in Stendal was the setting again for Folk! in die Nacht (Folk! in to the Night). It was a great pleasure for us to join this 7th edition of the festival for the forth time (after 2011, 2013 and 2014).

The dancers are coming! The last puddles will be gone in a jiffy In the monastery garden

Initiator and organiser was again Max Heckel and his band Nobody Knows. The Rudi Tuesday Band from Jena, The Greenhorns from Halle, Nobody Knows from Stendal and The Cobblestones from Berlin formed the musical line-up.

Opening by Fitschebeen The monastery garden well crowded The Rudi Tuesday Band

The programme was enhanced by two dance troupes: Erin Circle from Cottbus and Fitschebeen from Salzwedel, nice guys with a wonderfully jaunty show.

The Three Graces Detached from the ground Nobody Knows this reel

After a rain-swept afternoon, the sun appeared right on time for our sound check in order to lick up the last puddles from the dance floor, supported by Max's, Marcel's and Aaron's brooms. And only towards the end of the party, the heaven began to sob again – understandably enough.

The Greenhorns Fitschebeen again, this time with Rock'n'Roll The Frog – by Fitschebeen and Nobody Knows

We enjoyed once more the special aura of the festival, the enthusiastic and dance-obsessed audience, the neat programme, the delicious treats and the great people we met during the night.

Nobody Knows this band Giving him the runaround The champion in whatever

Thousand thanks to Max Heckel not only for inviting us, but especially for the perfect-as-usual organisation as well as his emphatic care. We are so proud to have been a part of it. Many thanks to Peter Kramer for the gorgeous pictures (No 5, 7, 8, 12, 13 und 19)!

The Midnight Reel in the midnight hour The Cobblestones Session with The Cobblestones and Nobody Knows

Folk! into the Night The morning after: brunch, drugs and Rock'n'Roll On Stendal market place

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