On 18 November the seventh edition of fundraiser gala "We for you, for life" was celebrated at Cottbus shopping centre Blechen Carré. The event was organised by AIDS-Hilfe Lausitz e.V. in order to direct attention to social taboos such as HIV and AIDS.

Miss Cherry Moonlight and Stork Viktor Warm-up dancing... ... by joining a Salsa workshop with Bianca

More than 160 artists contributed to the six hours programme, among them the Pfiffikus Ensemble, singer Vivien or the choir of Max Steenbeck Secondary School. There was music, dance and artistry. All artists waived their pay in favour of AIDS prevention.

Erin Circle at the Blechen-Carré Crossroads Solo for Fine We are marching through

Informative as well as charming, drag queen Miss Cherry Moonlight once more hosted the programme, supported by stork Viktor, the mascot of AIDS-Hilfe Lausitz e.V. and numerous industrious voluntary helpers in the background who made this well-organised and successful event possible at all.

There and back again Adina not pointing to the escalators Old Gladunski is a must

Erin Circle took part with all their hearts and an Irish dance programme for the fifth time (after 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2016).

This event gave the right kick... ... in order to approach each other... ... and stand up against prejudices

Shoppers and strollers stopped, listened and watched, applauded and donated a total of 600,- Euro for AIDS prevention.

Everything is circling around AIDS today We for you, for life Industrious helpers onstage and backstage

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