On 17 March 2018, the Badehaus ("Bath house") on the premises of former GDR railway plant at Berlin-Friedrichshain invited all Paddy-phils to celebrate the Irish national holiday.

Twelf shamrocks in the loo Today's line-up Backstage area for two bands and two dance troupes

Where once railroaders took their showers after shift, the Leprechaun painted the house green tonight.

The Strip Connection girls Tap Connection Warriors The policeman goes into jail

Two bands musically provided the Irish feeling on two floors: The Pokes and The Rathmines. And in-between, Tap Connection from Berlin and Erin Circle from Cottbus delivered the Irish dance show essential for such an occasion.

Irish spirit at the bar... ... and on the floor... ... in Dublin as well as in Friedrichshain

In front of the good-humoured audience in jam-packed Badehaus, it was great fun to show our dances by turns with Tap Connection. At the end, we all together performed the famous traditional set dance "St. Patrick's Day" in order to mark the event.

The audience is jeering Perhaps because of the Strip Jig? Andreas and Heike two-handy

Two bands and two dance troupes using the tiny backstage chamber together, especially changing costumes, warming-up, stretching and finding things, was a bit of a claustrophic challenge, which everybody mastered with great humour.

Midnight Reel before midnight In honour of St. Patrick Tap Connection and Erin Circle

Thousand thanks to Nathalie, Heike, Alina, Eva and Andreas from Tap Connection for the wonderful joint gig. Many thanks to Badehaus manager Ina and sound engineer Xavier too, for a very friendly acceptance.

You missed something, if you weren't there!
Pictures No 3 and 4: Eva da Silva

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